2nd Annual Big Backyard Macaroni and Cheese Competition

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The 2nd Annual Big Backyard Macaroni and Cheese Competition in Mt. Airy on October 19 was officially a success. Participants included Earth Bread and Brewery, La Calaca Feliz, Melelani Cafe. Mt. Airy Read and Eat, Trolley Car Cafe, Street Food Philly, South Philly Tap Room, and The Whirly Pig.

Streetside BBQ made the macaroni and cheese using our secret recipe which featured the perfect combination of smoked gouda, asiago and mild cheddar cheese topped with bacon bits. People and the competition loved the hint of smoke along with the delicious, cheesy goodness complete with bacon – they called it a unique twist on everyday macaroni and cheese. Using this as a vehicle, the event allowed Streetside BBQ the ability to hand out business cards to attendees while giving back to the community by participating in local event. What made this event even more meaningful is that the proceeds benefited the “Seed to Table” curriculum at the Big Backyard School in Mt. Airy. We are looking forward to our next opportunity to support a local community event.

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