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BBQ Catering

BBQ catering is the right option for any type of event. By selecting Streetside BBQ as your BBQ caterer of choice, you can be sure that the food would will not only meet, but exceed you expectation every time. Furthermore, without the undue burden on your pocket, you will be able to wow your guests virtually anywhere and all throughout the year. For these reasons and many, many more, BBQ has become a popular choice among those who are looking to cater events. The good news is that Streetside BBQ brings you the option of BBQ catering right here in Philadelphia.

If you are catering your wedding, you can choose BBQ plated and served for a more elegant affair or simply have the BBQ served buffet style for a more casual feel. Regardless of how the food is served, BBQ offers couple the chance to have a unique and tasty food experience at their wedding which will set their event apart. Once you have sampled our food and compared our prices to competitors, we are sure that you will agree that Streetside BBQ is the right choice.

Every birthday is special and catering with Streetside BBQ will add that final touch. Your guests of all ages are sure to love the BBQ food, whether the party is at your home, or you have taken the party to the street. Whether you have a winter, spring, summer or fall birthday – BBQ always works. The feeling of family, togetherness and good food can be enjoyed all through the year – not just summertime.

All of us want to have fun at work, right? Streetside BBQ for the office or workplace gathering as well. Streetside BBQ will give you a win with your bosses and co-workers because everybody loves BBQ. Everybody is going to complement you for the wonderful catering decision you have made.

Anyone can cater but you are sure to get the complete BBQ experience from Streetside BBQ. Flavorful food, good prices and excellent service are just a few things that keep our customers coming back! You can get a good BBQ catering deal from Streetside BBQ without having to feed hundreds of guests. Your catered lunch can include smoked meats, homemade sides, rolls, utensils, napkins, and much more. Call us at 215-821-SMOK(7665) to see how Streetside BBQ can cater your next event.

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