Smoky Flavor Infused Food

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Whether you are looking for something sweet or savory, a full meal or a snack, a spread or a sauce – food and drink infused with a smoky flavor is becoming increasingly popular in the culinary world. The low and slow method of preparation with the right blend of spices and rubs guarantees consistency in the finished product. The distinct aroma and the unmatched taste that the right blend of flavored woods create makes smoked meats, beverages, snacks and spreads perfect for any occasion. While there are varying styles of preparation, the results are always the same.

Often times, people associate smoked items with a particular time of year or occasion. We promise you that smoked fare will fit the bill regardless of whether your occasion is anything from a formal wedding where you might want smoked shrimp and prime rib to a more casual gathering where pulled pork and chicken might be the choice, regardless of time of year. Sometimes, you might just be looking for a smoky flavor snack such as smoked almonds or hors d’oeuvres such as chicken lollipops or bacon wrapped meatballs to complement your beverage.

What makes all of this even better is that at Streetside BBQ, we are able to smoke anything to perfection. Our owner and smokemaster has over 10 years of experience smoking and catering and he prepares each order as he would for his own family.

So what are you waiting for – join in the trend! Introduce the unique culinary experience that barbecue provides to your next event and you are guaranteed to have your guests coming back for more. We can tell you about the enjoyable smoky flavor taste that smoked items offer but you have to experience it yourself. Once you have tasted our smoky flavor goodness – you will not have it any other way – guaranteed!

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