From Black Tie to Backyard BBQ

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At Streetside BBQ, everything we do is about our customer. This is why we offer a number of options which is sure to fit any style event from black tie to a backyard BBQ. Depending on the size of your event and the overall style that you are going for there are a variety of options out there.

If you are looking to entertain some guests at a cocktail hour type event, appetizers are the way to go. This type of service typically works well when space is a constraint and precludes you from having a sit-down dinner or if you are looking for a more casual environment where trays of appetizers are passed around. One thing to keep in mind for an appetizer-based party where no additional food is served, is that you will have to order enough appetizers to cover the entire duration of your event as there is no meal to follow. One way of doing this and still keeping within your budget is to have the party at a time that is not around a meal thereby setting the expectation for your guests ahead of time.

Maybe your event is more formal such as a wedding or a black-tie event. This is the perfect choice when you are looking to have a stylish setting and a formal atmosphere. In this case, your guests are seated at a table, usually assigned seating, and they are served a multiple course dinner. This works great as it avoids a line at a buffet station and your portions are controlled, thereby eliminating wastage, but at the same time you incur the additional expense of servers and more kitchen staff.

Finally, if the time is right, family style is a popular compromise between a buffet style dinner and a seated dinner. It affords your guests the chance to enjoy the variety that a buffet would offer while seated at a table among family and friends. If you do decide to go this way, be aware that it is often the most expensive choice. Between the possibility of guests serving themselves large portions to always keeping the plate full, family-style meals tend to be costly. But, is the price tag on good food ever too high?

Whether you choose to have an appetizer party, seated dinner or family style dinner, the most important thing and what should be at the center of all of your planning is having a good time. Sure, you could do all of this yourself but at Streetside BBQ, we would rather that you enjoy yourself and leave the catering to us. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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