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BBQ Styles

No matter what people say, BBQ is not all the same. BBQ style is the quality that brings an element of uniqueness to the art of BBQ. The social, food and preferences of a particular area defines the BBQ style. Over time, there has been much debate and varying schools of thought regarding different BBQ styles. When you really think about it, BBQ style is no different from any other kind of style – its determined by a specific set of circumstances exclusive to a group of people.

So, now that we have established that there are different BBQ styles – let’s look a little bit deeper and understand more about what some of these BBQ styles are all about.

Memphis: If you like pork, Memphis is the BBQ style for you. Using a tomato and vinegar based sauce and hickory wood, with a dry rub that usually uses garlic, paprika and other spices.

North Carolina: North Carolina presents both the Lexington style and Eastern BBQ style. Despite this, both BBQ styles brush their meat, which is typically pork, with a spice-and-vinegar mixture and served with a ketchup-based sauce using hickory woods. They call it a BBQ style of their own.

South Carolina: A signature dish in South Carolina would be ham or pork butt using hickory wood. Their BBQ style is similar to that of North Carolina, however, on mid-state, they use a mustard-based sauce and it includes a brown sugar and vinegar. We said the BBQ style was similar – not the same.

Texas: The Texans have their own BBQ style – it depends what part of Texas you are in. If you are in Central Texas, the BBQ style allows you to find good brisket and ribs smoked over a combination of pecan and oak woods. Meat is essential here and sides are by the way. In East Texas, the BBQ style is chopped, slapped on bread, dripping with finger licking sauce. A chopped brisket sandwich is typically Eastern Texas. Ironically, East Texas’ BBQ style has more in common with other regions that with Central Texas.

Alabama: Alabama natives like meaty, messy pulled pork sandwiches, sometimes with cole slaw, but always smothered with a white sauce that is typically made of a mayonnaise and mustard mixture. Is this BBQ style for you?

Kansas City: Kansas City has a meaty BBQ style. All meats are cooked very low and very slow and if they had their way, it would be over hickory wood. Their BBQ style is complimented with the perfect blend of a sweet molasses and tomato sauce.

And then, there is the perfect hybrid BBQ style that Streetside BBQ uses. It touches upon the finer points of the Texas, Kansas, Memphis and North Carolina BBQ styles, but we use our own sauces and a perfect blend of seasoning – so we almost dare to introduce a new BBQ style – Philadelphia style. Enjoy!

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  1. Than there is Cecil’s style BBQ. Words can’t describe it, you have to taste it to understand what I’m trying to say. I will tell you that I use red and white oak wood and our signature rub. We specialize in cooking whole pigs, chicken, ribs, brisket, turkey and top round.
    We love cooking BBQ!

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