3 Reasons Why BBQ Improves Thanksgiving Dinner So Much

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Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner is a time for many of the traditional foods that have united families together for years. Turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce being just a few of the classics that people look forward to every Thanksgiving day holiday. While these staples are a necessity for any authentic Thanksgiving day feast, there are ways to make them more palatable and enjoyable to the common diner. One way to do so is by incorporating that mainstay of Summer, the BBQ.

People love BBQ for many reasons and one is the rich and smoky flavor that is imparted to meats and other foods that are put over the grill. This article will provide you with three reasons why you should add BBQ to your Thanksgiving day feast.

1) Let’s face it, Turkey is bland and something that people don’t enjoy as much as they might think than they do. Think about it this way, how often, other than on Thanksgiving dinner, did you sit down to enjoy a roast Turkey dinner? Likely, not too often. Many people have started deep frying Turkeys to provide for more interesting meals.

A bbq can help to spice up this dish and impart a smoky flavor to the meal. A great way to do so is with a smoker which uses smoked wood to add to the overall flavor of the meat. Smokers cook at temperatures that are low and slow and add to the overall tenderness of the meat. You may not want to leave a turkey in the smoker for the entire time you cook it, but overall a quick (by BBQ standards) one-hour trip to the smoker can add the needed flavor to make your Turkey and Ham Thanksgiving dinner meats exceptional.

2) BBQ’s are most experienced during the summer and then begin to tail off and disappear until Spring starts the cycle over again. Winter months are particularly devoid of BBQ and many people are constantly craving the rich flavors of BBQ. Thanksgiving typically has warm enough weather to give one last sendoff to your BBQ and create a truly memorable Thanksgiving day feast. The BBQ element of your Thanksgiving day meal does not need to be that extensive; some smoked or BBQ Turkey legs can make all of the difference and give party attendees what they are looking for; one last trip to BBQ heaven before the winter starts again.

3) Using a smoker to create a BBQ meal is a relatively easy way to cook. You set up the smoke, cook the food on low and slow and let the BBQ or smoker do the work for you. Which provides you with the time and freedom to do other things other than watching a meat thermometer. Like making other dishes. Or enjoying some Thanksgiving day football.

BBQ food is often overlooked on Thanksgiving day but can greatly improve your Thanksgiving dinner day meal. Try incorporating it for the aforementioned reasons or simply because you and your family enjoy it.

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