Making Traditional BBQ A Classy Catering Endeavor

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If You Are Barbecue-Minded, Then Make It A Classy Catering Affair

With the warm weather firmly entrenched and summer time fast approaching, I know that I want to make social events exquisitely classy affairs.  The trouble is, how do I make that backyard barbecue, or ocean view grilling competition, have the look of a really sophisticated, high-class gathering?
Ambiance through light and covering

First things first, I do make allowances for both sudden summer showers or heat exhaustion by thinking in terms of a canopy covering of sorts.  This not only provides protection from the elements, but gives more finesse to a social event.

If I really want the classy catering barbecue to be a memorable, cultured event, then I’d better plan for renting a Gazebo outdoor party tent.  With the many designs and styles for different impressions readily available, I won’t have trouble at all in planning those barbecues for birthday parties, weddings, graduation parties, church suppers and other major social events.

Setting A Theme

If I’m thinking of a Polynesian theme, then I better think in terms of roast suckling pig, plenty of pineapples and an array of torch lights for an evening gathering. In no time at all, I would have given the event a feel of romantically poised, classy catering.

If I’m thinking of a Moulin Rouge event, sequence, glitz and glamour rule the night, and it’s easy to transform the outdoor party tent into an entertainment dome.

Choosing Black and White Formal themes, or Vegas Opulence, or even a full costume Medieval Feast with Mead and Meat, gives room for a flight of fancy as well as a polished debut to Summer.

Selecting the Right Dishes

– Hamburgers are good, but smoked lamb patties with mint dressing adds classy catering suaveness.

– If you’re in the mood for chicken, how about a grilled chicken dish with Coffee barbecue sauce for an added treat; that sauce alone will help give the barbecue a touch of urbaneness.

– While I’m at it, I’ll be sure to have some fancy deviled eggs made with chives and plenty of spicy mustard, to add a tone of refinement.

– A fresh, Southern-style sweet potato salad, lemon cupcakes and plenty of spiked ice tea for the gentlemen and ladies will enhance that very elegant outdoor soiree!

Oh, I almost forgot! Plenty of flowers in a miniature garden centerpiece, and pretty sets of theme-based napkins and glasses, will both impress my guests and keep me well within budget at the same time.

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