Sample the food before booking your BBQ catering

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Sample BBQ before you settle on your caterer.

Streetside BBQ Catering Company’s tips for choosing your caterer

Select your caterer on their reputation and their fare. With Streetside BBQ Catering you sample our food, by tasting before your event. Stay in budget. Get great catering value.  Never be disappointed.

Planning any type of event generally means serving some type of food for your guests.  One of the popular foods is barbecue. This is a food that fits any event, whether your organizing your event as corporate business, as a family or a group of friends.  Sampling the food is the only way to know that your chosen BBQ grill catering team is a perfect fit.

Where do we start?

Even before booking your caterer, it is important to sample the food they will be serving at your BBQ catering event.  Once you know your caterer will be the best match, agreeing on the services included, the budget, and the event date, comes next.

What do I need to ask my new caterer?

There are questions to ask the caterer, like, how long they have been in business, and of course, the BBQ catering menu items.  Ask when a sample tasting can take place, and ask for references of at least three past customers.

Question what sizes of gatherings they have catered for, in the past to ensure they can accommodate the event.  Speak with these references to ensure the caterer is professional and prompt no matter what size the planned gathering.

Now the details of your event day – what should you know?

Ask your caterer about their servers, since guests should not need to wait for service at an event.  There should always be a server ready.
Ask about price per guest if the menu is planned in this manner.
Question their overtime charges.

These questions will make it possible to set or stay within a budget when booking a caterer for a BBQ catering event. The questions can be asked during the tasting and it makes sense to make a list of important questions to ask, so you’re prepared for the meeting.

Then dot your I’s, and cross your T’s.

When a caterer is finally chosen read over the contract carefully and make sure to keep the copy of the contract in a safe place. Ensure any special instructions or agreements are written into the contract.

Now – give us a call!

Now that you know what to look for, be sure to Contact Streetside BBQ at 215-821-7665 for your next event.

We’ll be happy to set up a date with you for your tasting, based on your event date, and keen to answer your questions right away.

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