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Fundraiser Ideas
Pig Pickin’ Fun: 9 Ideas for a BBQ Fundraising Event
Many of the best BBQ recipes are guarded secrets that leave lasting impressions on tasters. Combine a BBQ with fundraising and you’ll be sure to have a party to remember! There are many steps to creating successful BBQ fundraiser ideas that will overflow your piggy bank, so read on to find out how you can do the same.
  • Establish a Goal- Having a goal in mind gives you and your team something to aim for, as well as an excuse to celebrate should you reach or surpass it during the event. Customers want to know what they’re helping you do. The BBQ may be the main attraction, but your goal is what ultimately brings your fundraiser ideas together.
  • Location, Location, Location- Nearly as important as your goal is where you will hold your BBQ fundraiser. Do you have a parking lot where patrons can gather? Would you need to rent space in order to accommodate visitors? Knowing your space limits can help you budget for your event while making sure it’s accessible to all.
  • Licenses and Permits- Depending on your location, you may want to check if there are any permits you need in order to serve food to the public. If you’re including alcohol sales during your fundraiser, you’ll need to stay informed of any ABC permits that will be necessary.
  • Bring Some Friends- The most important item you’ll need is your food. It can be a lot of work to prepare all that food without help. Fortunately, it’s easy to enlist the help of local restaurants, grocery stores and other organizations. If you live in an area where there are several BBQ restaurants, you can use this as a competition to see who has the best in town with their sponsorship.
  • Get the Word Out- Prepare for your fundraiser by designing flyers and other announcements. Make sure to include ALL activities that might be going on, as well as a menu to get mouths watering well before the big day. Include your goal, as these are the fundraiser ideas ultimately drawing your community together.
  • Heard It On The Radio- Don’t underestimate the power of radio to get the word about your fundraiser out. Many local stations are more than happy to work with local organizations on fundraisers and events. Some may even be willing to come out and do a live show from your fundraiser!
  • Sling Some Swag- If this is your first BBQ fundraiser, you may want to look into something everyone can take away from the day. Plastic cups and t-shirts can be lasting reminders of the event well after the last plate is served.
  • Everyone Loves Winning- Door prizes, silent auctions and raffle tickets are a great way to get people involved during the event as well as raise additional funds. Again, consult with local businesses to see if they would be willing to sponsor or donate prizes. The only thing better than good BBQ is good BBQ and winning something, too!
  • BBQ to Go- Fundraiser ideas such as a BBQ cook-off can be time consuming. Make that easier for people in a hurry by selling to-go plates and containers. Don’t forget the BBQ sauce! Sell bottles of popular sauces for patrons to take home as well.
A lot of hard work may go into a BBQ fundraiser, but it’s worth all the effort. Your community and organization will benefit from an event that will have everyone asking when the next one is!

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