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fundraiser ideas for schools

Top Fundraiser ideas for Schools

Fundraising is a very important activity for schools as the money generated helps to fund services, programs and other needs. Those who have been part of such programs understand the need to fund student scholarships, capital ventures, new academic programs and even sustaining schools’ academic excellence. It is not easy, to both public and private schools, to finance all these aspects. This shows how significant schools’ fundraising programs are.

Selecting effective Fundraiser ideas for schools can be a very challenging task. This is because there are numerous fundraising activities to choose from. The dilemma in most cases is to establish which of the many options will achieve the intended results. This, however, should not be the case since the activity is meant to be easy, fun and successful. Below are essential tips on how to make a successful school fundraising event:

Barbecue fundraiser

This is one of the most enjoyable and successful way of generating funds for your school. BBQ is one of the best Fundraiser ideas for Schools. When accompanied by live music and a series of family activities, the concept has the power of pulling the whole local community into the event.

During the event, you can present a wide variety of barbecued foods including meats, vegetables, hot dog and hamburgers. Barbecue fundraiser allows for wider participation by both local residents and people from nearby towns. Many have shown their love for this kind of a fundraiser idea since it does not only benefit the organizer but also offers value for money to participants.

Why Barbecue fundraiser is the best idea for your school

BBQ concept has the potential to generate a significant amount of money within a short time. The idea can easily be adopted to be an annual event in the school calendar. It has successfully worked for churches, clubs and groups. The event is easy to market since nearly everyone loves barbecued foods. If properly organized and coordinated, the idea can one of the most memorable events to parents, students and the local community. It also provides a platform for students’ participation both in cooking and the activities.

How to make your school’s BBQ fundraiser event successful

There are several ways of enhancing revenue generation during this event. Below are just but a few key tips on how to actualize this during the event:

• Sell uniquely prepared BBQ plates
• Separately sell the BBQ sauces
• Separate entry fees from activity fee: charge reasonable amount
• Sell beverages that go with the types of food available
• Introduce a grand prize for participants and sell raffle chances for drawing the prize

Other additional tips for the event
• Plan the activity well in time to avoid last minute challenges
• Present famous local cuisines
• Advertise the event through flyers, social media and local media houses
• Design a proper waste disposal plan
• Incorporate team building activities

Fundraiser ideas for schools

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