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Streetside BBQ is your one stop shop for everything good. Sure, we have the best barbecue in Philadelphia but what is good food without good beverages.

Served in sophisticated dispensers sure to complement any occasion, Streetside BBQ offers the complete package with an assortment of beverages. Pictured above are sangria, virgin sangria and water flavored with lemons and limes served at a baby’s baptism catered by us.

Contrary to popular belief, a beverage is not just a beverage. In cultures where several types of beverages are available, they are classified and these classifications define the social sphere as a whole. Whether metaphorical for values, beliefs or identity, identification of culture or something similar, the significance of beverage describes and constructs meaning in a particular social circumstance. It is rare that a beverage is not a byproduct of the social setting in which it is enjoyed. The fact that people often choose alcoholic beverages at a wedding and juices and soda at a child’s birthday supports this claim. Similarly, people typically associate champagne with a celebration at an event. If champagne is served, the logical question that society has been trained to ask for the purpose of the celebration.

Although uncommon, there are some societies in which beverage choice is more individualistic, however, there is a certain social correctness to a beverage related to the time and place in which it is enjoyed. For example, wine is a good accompaniment to a meal during an event of a formal or informal nature where beer is usually associated with a more relaxed event.

But one thing is for sure – there is no event or celebration where there are no beverages served. Streetside BBQ can complement your menu with the beverage or beverages of your choice. If you drink it, we serve it!

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