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Business Reflections

Business reflections of the past in anticipation of the future…

After one year of business it is time to reflect on our successes and recognize our opportunities for the upcoming year.

Highlights from our first year of business reflections:

• Streetside BBQ had 46 new customers. The sales spanned across all of Streetside BBQ’s product lines i.e., catering, smoked almonds, and our signature BBQ sauce.

• Throughout the year, Streetside BBQ had a total of 18 catering events ranging from employee appreciation luncheons, wedding rehearsals, birthday parties to family reunions and the new approach to a baptism, sip and see’s.

• Our website, social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn along with Google AdWords and our and membership in organizations generated most of our leads.

As with most businesses, sales are cyclical and that was apparent with Streetside BBQ. Most of our sales during the first year were in the months of May, June, July and August, the months that people most typically enjoy BBQ food. Through our marketing and other methods, we are letting our customers know that anytime is a good time for BBQ and also that BBQ fits any occasion.

It is common knowledge that for any business to be successful, it must have a solid, tried and tested marketing plan and it was no different for Streetside BBQ. To get the business off the ground, our initial marketing plan consisted of developing a website, email marketing, direct mail marketing, attending networking events, developing a social media presence and obtaining membership in industry organizations.

While the networking events were beneficial to do just that, network, we found that the conversion rate from leads at these events were minimal, at best. Also, email marketing and direct marketing did not produce the results we expected. However, these events and activities made it apparent that Streetside BBQ provides a product and service that people want to sample prior to making a commitment. If you really think about it, it makes sense. People want to experience the food first hand prior to hiring us and we are proud to report that any time we did a tasting for a potential client, the tasty and flavorful BBQ drew them in.

Another key learning that we have taken away from our first year is to focus on and grow one line of business at a time. Early on, we tried to grow our all of our lines at business at the same time, but we soon realized that we needed to focus on one line at a time to give it the time, dedication and attention that it deserved. We often had to remind ourselves that Rome was not built in a day, but when it was built over time, it was and continues to be desired by one and all.

Looking ahead…

Streetside BBQ is excited as we look forward to the year ahead. One thing is clear – people love BBQ and furthermore, people love Streetside BBQ. This year is all about us increasing our brand awareness and serving good BBQ to the Philadelphia area. We have already started to take steps in the right direction and there is much more to come such as:

• A redesigned version of our website which is mobile-friendly and updated with our current offerings, pricing and much more.

• Purchasing a BBQ trailer which will allow us to travel and smoke on-site at our clients events.

• Quarterly tastings at the Pyramid Club in Philadelphia to give our potential and existing clients the opportunity to sample our food.

• Participating in fairs, festivals, street fairs and expos in the Greater Philadelphia area.

• Partnering with organizations to which we belong for strategic growth.

Stay with us through the ride – we have a lot planned for the upcoming year all for you, our customer.

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