Sustainability – A Long Term Commitment

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Sustainability, at its most basic level, is the ability to sustain or the capacity to endure. With that being said, if an activity is sustainable, it should be able to exist forever. In terms of business in a somewhat broader context, a sustainable business is one that takes environmental issues into consideration together with financial and social demands to ensure overall responsibility.

At Streetside BBQ, we keep sustainability at the center of everything we do. One of the primary indicators of sustainability is committing is a triple bottom line, where our success is not only defined by economic growth but also by preserving the environment and offering better humanity for the environment in which the business is located also play equal part in determining the overall worth of the company. Another area through which Streetside BBQ reaffirms its commitment to sustainability is being local and buying local. With headquarters in Philadelphia and as a member of several organizations throughout the Philadelphia including our owner’s recent appointment to the Board of Directors of the Sustainability Network, we are deeply rooted in the Philadelphia area. Local sourcing has several advantages such as lower costs and readily available product, but the big advantage is that we are able to give back to our community. Investing in the local community is a smart business decision for any business as it enables them to realize immediate benefits on a social, financial and environmental level.

Also, at Streetside BBQ, we are committed to continuous improvement in our business process to attain and maintain the triple bottom line we spoke about earlier. There is no such thing as a sustainable enough business. Sustainability needs to be a regular part of business operations, not a sweeping change that costs large amounts of money to establish and maintain temporarily. With the over landscape our environment and economy, being sustainable is soon going to be the only way to go – and that’s a good thing.

So, do your part to support sustainability. Streetside BBQ is doing theirs. Everything we do contributes to the overall goal of making Philadelphia a more sustainable city to secure the future of our city for the generation of tomorrow. Together we will be able to take a step forward together towards a better, more sustainable environment.

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