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Catering Trailers

Catering Trailers

As an entrepreneur in the food industry I am always seeking ways to expand my business and target new customers. I made a strategic decision towards the end of 2014 to explore the possibility of obtaining a catering trailer. Why a catering trailer? I would say why not a catering trailer? A catering trailer will provide me a unique and economical way to reach customers and hopefully outdo my competitors. Some of the advantages of procuring a catering trailer are listed below as follows.

Startup Costs
The cost of owning a store front outweighs the cost of owning a catering trailer. A food entrepreneur who chooses to go with a store front has to deal with leasing and renovation costs. That initial out lay of money could add up to over $100, 000 whereas with a catering trailer your initial costs could be between $15,000- $35,000, depending on the features in your catering trailer.

Risk Averse
With a catering trailer, a food business owner is tied to one specific location. If a location is not profitable, the owner can continue to find another location that is profitable for them. With a store front, a business own runs the risk of choosing a location that may not draw enough customers to sustain the business. Also, when you procure a catering trailer, you own it, while with a store front; you are paying a monthly lease/rental fee.

A catering trailer on its own maybe the most powerful marketing tool a food business owner could have. The business’s logo, web address and phone number are front and center to everyone around the town or city when the trailer is driven around. A branded trailer provides the business the ability to reach more customers then it normally would have. Branding your catering trailer is a one-time payment that provides long term advertising which is different than the recurring fees for print, radio advertising.

Streetside BBQ recently purchased a catering trailer that is currently being manufactured by Pitmaker. This trailer will provide Streetside BBQ the ability to cater any event, no matter how big or small. The cooking capacity for this particular catering trailer is approximately 40 beef briskets or 40 pork butts. That is a lot of beef and pork! The trailer can accommodate poultry and vegetables as well. You should see Streetside BBQ’s trailer in the Greater Philadelphia area starting in May.

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