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What would you do to grow your business? Would you drive through 13 different states? Would you drive over 3200 miles? Would you spend 62 hours of nonstop driving on the interstate highway system?

That is what I did with some help from my father. I purchased a custom made BBQ trailer, from Pitmaker, to expand and grow my barbecue catering business. I traveled from the city of brotherly love, to Humble, TX, a town right outside of Houston.

I had been 15 years since my last marathon road trip and I did not know if my body would be able to manage. I do have to admit I was extremely surprised that I was able to complete the trip as I was overcoming a cold and working on a limited amount of sleep (I had a catering event the night before).

I left Philadelphia at 6am, Sunday morning and drove nonstop to Memphis, TN to pick up my father. I arrived in Memphis around 8pm Sunday evening and I was back on the road at midnight making our way to Humble, TX. We arrived at Pitmaker around 9am on Monday morning. I finalized some additional paperwork, got some goodies and memorabilia and we were back on the road by 1pm with my BBQ trailer. We made it to Philadelphia around 8pm on Tuesday night, and that night I slept like a baby. It’s one thing to sleep in the car; it’s another thing to sleep in your own bed.

I am thankful for my father who volunteered to come on this excursion and that the price of gas is still at an all time low because towing heavy equipment, especially a BBQ trailer, quickly takes a toll on your gas mileage.

Would I do it all over again? For business reasons….YES…for personal reasons….NO!!!!

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