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Streetside BBQ participated in the Haverford SpringFest, its first festival of the year. Leading up to the festival, we were filled with mixed emotions; nervousness, excitement and a slew of other emotions. The excitement came from trying something new for the first time, to increasing branding recognition for the business. The nervous side was contemplating whether the weather would hold up, would there be enough foot traffic, did we procure enough food to meet the demand and would the crowd be receptive to our barbecue. But really who doesn’t like barbecue?

A lot of support came from family and friends and especially our fellow mobile food colleagues at the USA Mobile Commissary. The food truck community was extremely helpful, they remembered what it was like being in my shoes a few years ago. Streetside BBQ offered brisket, pulled pork, chicken wings or babyback ribs served with a side of cornbread. The cornbread was a hit with both SpringFest attendees and vendors. To entice potential customers over to our booth, one of volunteers for Streetside BBQ took a pan of cornbread and started passing out samples throughout the event. That strategic move drew additional foot traffic to the booth. Once they approached the booth they were drawn in by aroma coming from the food that was smoked onsite using Streetside BBQ’s trailer courtesy of Pitmaker. Our biggest selling item was the pulled pork followed by the chicken wings and baby back ribs.

Overall, the day was a success. The residents of Haverford and surrounding area enjoyed the food and were impressed with the trailer. In fact, people who attended the festival took our business cards and brochures to use Streetside BBQ for future events.

I want to thank my team for helping me out with the Haverford SpringFest. Without you Streetside BBQ would not have been as successful at the festival.

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