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Streetside BBQ closed out the end of May with 2 festivals. The first festival was on Germantown Avenue in Mount Airy for Final-ly Friday, hosted by Go Mt Airy. Final-ly Friday is a monthly summer event held on the last Friday of each month. Local businesses stay open late and featured vendors set up sidewalk shops. The monthly event connects neighbors with local artists, restaurants or in my case mobile catering business and retailers.

Streetside BBQ provided pulled pork tacos, brisket tacos, and cornbread. The brisket tacos were such a hit that one a local business owner returned to buy a container of brisket so he could use it to make Stromboli. I was able to sample the Stromboli and I have to say it was GOOD! The dough was freshly made; the vegetables and seasonings complemented the brisket. It was one of the best Stromboli’s I have had. My mouth is watering right now just writing about it. Some highlights from Final-ly Friday included but limited to:

1. The customer’s and passing by Philadelphians inquired if we would be providing barbecue every Friday.
2. A lady who sampled our food at a Fundraiser in April provided a positive testimonial for the individuals waiting in line to place an order.
3. Everyone loved the bbq trailer. Traffic slowed as it approached the trailer.
4. One customer was so intrigued by the trailer as he drove by he knew he was stopping to get some barbecue after he got his hair cut.

Overall participating in Final-ly Friday provided that branding and name recognition that Streetside BBQ was looking for in 2015.


The second event and final event of the weekend was on Cheltenham Avenue for the Mission Festival, hosted on the campus of Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church. This event particular was a fundraiser for the Wissahickon Boys and Girls Club. The proceeds from the event were used support the invaluable services the Boys and Girls Club provides to the Germantown community.

I don’t know if the attendees at this event were more intrigued with the delicious barbecue or the bbq trailer. We offered pulled pork sandwiches, brisket sandwiches, babyback ribs and cornbread but everyone was in awe with the trailer; they had never seen anything like it. The aroma coming from the trailer brought a lot of customers our way. The demand for our barbecue was so high that we ran out of food just as the festival was about to close.

As with Final-ly Friday this event allowed Streetside BBQ to provide its barbecue to more clientele which we hope leads to more business in the future.

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