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Open House
Open House

BBQ catering services for open houses are just one of the many events we cater for, here at Streetside BBQ. We have been catering open house events with delicious, mouthwatering traditional barbeque for years now. Open house events are a great to showcase something to the general public, so why not add some great barbeque? This can surely impress guests and set the general atmosphere of the open house event. Contact Streetside BBQ for bbq catering services for open houses.

Here at Streetside BBQ, we pride ourselves on delivering the best barbeque to you, period. Barbecue catering services for open houses are no different, and we offer a full menu of apple smoked chicken pieces, hand pulled meats, homemade sides and fresh-baked desserts which will please you and your guests. We also offer beverages such as sweet tea, virgin sangria, or lemonade. The choice is yours. We make barbeque catering services for open houses easy. Choose from our excellent meal combination selections or we can completely customize your menu for your exact needs.

Need help for setup and cleanup? Streetside BBQ does that too! We are the experts in bbq catering services for open houses and are there for the entire open house catering service. That means we are there for set up, service, and clean up, all with a smile. We also offer tables, chairs, canopies, tablecloths and centerpieces all at affordable rates. Looking for barbeque catering services for open houses? Streetside BBQ is here to help.

We thank you for taking interest in Streetside BBQ and look forward to meeting with you soon to assist you in making your event the best you can imagine!

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  1. My sister is getting married soon and needs to find a catering company. The problem she and her fiance are facing right now is choosing what kind of food they want to have at their wedding. I don’t think they have thought about BBQ yet, and I think that this will help them see if its a good option or not.

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