How to Barbecue: A Labor of Love and a Time-Investment

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How to barbecue

How to barbecue

We all love a fat burger or a juicy steak thrown on the grill. We flop them over the open flame, and leave it just long enough to get some char or those lovely grill marks.  For steaks and burgers – that is how to barbecue!

However, when barbecuing a larger piece of meat, in my opinion, low and slow is the way to go.

how to barbecue

Those bigger chunks of meat be it ribs, roast, or brisket are so much better when we ease the meat into the state of barbecued perfection. How to barbecue ribs, roast and brisket?  The way I do this, is really simple.

Invest your time

Yes, it does take a big chunk of time, 8-10 hours for a brisket for example, yet it isn’t complicated at all.

As long as you plan ahead, set everything up right, and make sure you can stay pretty close to the grill, you’ll do great.  You don’t have to hover over your meat, but you will have to do some checking.  You will still have time to relax, grab a few beers, visit with friends, or throw the ball around with the kids.  Doing barbecue right is a labor of love, not a drive through fast food stop.  Spending time with your friends and family is as much part of the experience, as the flavor and taste of the meat.

The Low Down on Fire

My choice of heat is charcoal for this low and slow barbecuing. You get a better flavor. I am going to just use that beef brisket as an example of a typical barbecue day for me.

For best results a large grill with the charcoal on one side between 225 and 250 degrees, with some water soaked wood chips for smoke flavor on top, and a foil pan filled with water on the other side. The meat is placed on the water side, then the lid is closed and you let it cook till the internal temperature is 175. You’ll have to add charcoal, wood chips and water about every thirty minutes.

It’s your choice to sauce or not.  Personally, I like a thinner homemade barbecue sauce that I start applying about one hour in.  When your meat is done, get it off the heat, cover with foil for 15 minutes so it rests.

After your 15 minutes, unwrap and then slice.

And that, is how to Barbecue!  It will all be worth it!


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