Sample BBQ Before Booking A Caterer

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Planning any type of event generally means serving some type of food and one of the popular foods is barbecue. This is a food that fits any event and finding the right BBQ catering means sampling the food as the only way to know they are perfect.

Prior to the event the caterer will need to be booked and before booking one it is important to sample the food. There are questions to ask the caterer like how long they have been in business and of course the BBQ menu items. Question when a sample tasting can take place and ask for references of at least three past customers. Question what sizes of gatherings they have catered in the past to ensure they can accommodate the event. Speak with these references to ensure the caterer is professional and prompt no matter what size the planned gathering.

The other questions to ask are about:

• Their servers, since guests should not need to wait for service at an event there should always be a server ready.
• Ask about price per guest if the menu is planned in this manner.
• Question their overtime charges.

These questions will make it possible to set or stay within a budget when booking a caterer for an event. The questions can be asked during the tasting and it makes sense to make a list of important questions to ask to be prepared.

When a caterer is finally chosen read over the contract carefully and make sure to keep the copy of the contract in a safe place. Ensure any special instructions or agreements are written into the contract.

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