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The Facts About Having a BBQ Fundraiser

Throwing a barbeque fundraiser is an excellent way to raise money for schools, clubs, non-profit organizations, and sports teams. Not only will it bring in a substantial cash flow but also get the whole community drawn into the event. With live music, face painting, food, and other children activities, there will be plenty of things to keep a family occupied for the entire day. Let’s look at more ways a barbeque event will raise funds.

Ways to Raise Funds With a Barbeque

When throwing any fundraiser, it’s important to reach out to the community for resources that are willing to donate their time, money, and supplies towards the event. Cutting down the cost will give more cash flow coming into the event. At a barbeque, most folks will look for food to purchase. It is a good idea to have a variety of foods available such as finger food, drinks, baked good, and more. It is also beneficial to provide BBQ meals for takeout or have tables available for those guest who wishes to eat at the event.

Another way to help cut down cost is by renting spaces to vendors that are willing to donate a percent of their profits to the worthy cause. Have them advertise the event to their customers and people they know. Free advertising is always a great bonus that I can guarantee will bring individuals to the event.

It is equally important to only charge a small fee for games like the ring toss, the coin toss or the water pick up the duck. With a low cost, more people at the event will be more interested in playing. With this in mind, place a booth where there is free face painting for children or picture drawings; this will give those on a limited income things to do at the event.

Giving these points, I believe you will be on your way to a successful fundraiser. But don’t just take my word for it, try it yourself.

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