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BBQ Fundraiser

Fire Up The Fundraiser!

No matter what the cause may be that your group is raising money for, a BBQ fundraiser is a surefire way to get the biggest bang for your fundraising buck! Think about it! Everyone loves a BBQ and there are many reasons why this is so! Here are just a few!

1. Almost any type of food can be slathered with sauce and grilled. No matter if the event is a carnivore feast, a veggie delight, or a mix of both, a little something for everyone can be tossed on the grill and cooked up just the way the people want it. There are very few dietary restrictions which cannot be accommodated when doing a BBQ fundraiser, this makes it ideal to attract the biggest base of support from the public as possible. Really, who doesn’t love to eat?

2. BBQs are great occasions to bring kids to. There are ample opportunities to provide “fun and games” for kids so the whole family feels like they can come to the fundraiser. We all know that when kids are having fun they do not want to leave. This time can be leveraged to talk to the adults about the cause they are supporting, and additional fundraising opportunities through more food being purchased, memorabilia being sold, or even just more direct donations.

3. It is generally very easy to get live music for a BBQ fundraiser. Many BBQs feature a local band that knows the local populace and can play towards those particular tastes, whatever those tastes may be. When all of this is mixed together, food, music, and family fun, it is a surefire way to get everybody in the right mood to support your cause.

Another great facet of these types of fundraising events that often goes overlooked is the fact that local businesses have a chance to show off their goods and services by making small donations of the same. Whether it be local farmers and ranchers donating food, or local breweries donating their craft beer, the events are a great way to not only raise money but to also show off civic pride.

All in all, a BBQ fundraiser is a truly unique way to benefit any organization. Unlike other fundraising events which may be dry or stuffy, and far too formal to attract a wide audience, a BBQ puts everyone at ease due to the inherent informality of it all. When people are relaxed, they are much more likely to donate and they are certainly more likely to spread the word to family, friends, and co-workers that may not have previously heard of the cause.

So the next time your organization or group is looking for any easy and fun way to gather donations and get your word out, consider making it a BBQ. Not only will you be appealing to the masses, but the group is much more likely to be covered by local media as well. You can’t go wrong with a BBQ!

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