Eating “Smoked To Perfection” BBQ in the Winter

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bbq in the winter

BBQ in the Winter

Just because BBQ season is officially over, does not mean you do not still crave bbq in the winter. There is a catering company in the Philadelphia area in which you can still get that “smoked to perfection” BBQ taste.

Streetside BBQ is just the place to go if you have a sudden craving for a BBQ in the winter. Serving the finest of meat smoked on low to get that slow cooked, savory BBQ taste. Using special homemade seasonings that accent the flavor of the meat perfectly, and will melt in your mouth with each delicious bite. All this keeps the customers coming back year after year.

Origination of Streetside BBQ

Born in Georgia, Demond Mullen is the owner and operator of Streetside Barbecue. His interest for smoking meat goes back to when he was a child and he would watch his father smoke meat. The idea for Streetside was born of a love for smoking meat, but later became a means for Demond to combine the emotional connection he holds for smoking meat with a desire to bring to the Mid-Atlantic some “down-home” delight.

Check Out the Menu

There are three types of menus, “The Highway”, “The Expressway”, and “The Autobahn”. As you can imagine “The Expressway” is larger than “The Highway” and “The Autobahn” is the largest. Each costing slightly more than the other as well. Let’s take a look at “The Autobahn” which cost $23.99 per person, not bad for a meal. You will start with an appetizer, chicken wings or smoked deviled eggs; for your meat course you have several to choose from, such as: pulled chicken, smoked Italian sausage, pulled pork, Tri-Tip, baby back pork ribs, brisket, and boneless turkey breast. For a list of sides to choose from, there is: baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad, collard greens, or a smoked vegetable medley. Finally, if there is room after all this good food, there is the dessert menu, which involves: chocolate chip cookie, brownie, banana pudding, or pound cake.

There is also an ala carte menu in which you can order your favorite smoke meats by the pound; such as Prime Rib, Beef tenderloin, Boneless leg of lamb, Salmon, Baby-back ribs, and much more. There are deluxe sides, such as macaroni and cheese, mashed sweet potatoes and smoked corn on the cob. For the football lover’s there are even “tail-gate” specials. Beef Brisket packages that come labeled as such: “Left Turn” (feeds 5-20 people) and costs $17.50 per person; “Straight Ahead” (feeds 21-40 people) costs $16.50 per person; and the “Right Turn” (feeds 41-100 people) costing $15.50 per person.

Streetside BBQ uses only the highest quality of meats, prepared with a signature recipe of seasonings and spices, then using a fragrant blend of hickory, apple and pecan wood for smoking.

On A Final Note

Streetside BBQ is available for catering bbq in the winter. We just ask that you call a few days in advance to give time to get everything together, perfectly prepared for you and your guests. Have I made you hungry after reading about all this deliciousness? If so look up our web site at or call us at 215-821-SMOK; one of our friendly catering agents will be more that happy to serve you.

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