Memphis BBQ

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Memphis BBQ

Memphis BBQ is perhaps one of the memorable things about the city in Tennessee. Memphis is the home of one of the best pork barbecue in the world. People from different backgrounds visit the barbecue city to have a taste of this pork. You can be sure that anybody who has been to Memphis will tell you about the Memphis BBQ that they serve there. My parent’s live in a Memphis suburb, when I go to visit, I make sure to eat Memphis BBQ.  So, you may wonder what makes the barbecue there so unique and tasty?

A short description of the Memphis BBQ

The Memphis style for barbecue preparation can be described as nicely done dry rub ribs. This delicious dish undergoes various processes before it can be termed ready for consumption. The ribs are first smoked over skilfully prepared hickory fire. When being smoked, some spice that is paprika-based is applied to the ribs to enhance the taste.

After the full preparation of the dish, it can be served with or without sauce. When with sauce, it is termed as wet and when without it is said to be dry. It’s usually up to you to decide which one you prefer. There are different methods that the natives use to make the barbecue ready for you, and you will have to go there to have the complete story.

Why do people keep coming back to Memphis for its barbecue?

You would expect that your first visit would be your last after having your piece of this unique dish, but that is usually not the case. People keep coming back to this city in Tennessee more than once in a year. You simply can’t have enough of it. The collection of differently but skilfully prepared barbecue, commonly pork, keeps you thinking of the next time that you will visit Memphis again. It’s prepared in very many different ways, and you will definitely tell that there is some difference every time you are served.

So, do not sit back and wait to hear stories about the amazing Memphis BBQ. You too can visit the city and have a taste of this amazing delicacy. It should be on the list of the things to achieve, especially if you love trying out new food dishes. You can be sure that this one will leave you with a story to tell. You also don’t have to do it on your own; you can carry your family along with you or plan the tour with some good friends. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that it will be one of the most amazing experiences that you will ever have.


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