Pairing Beer and BBQ

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Pairing Beer and BBQ

As we approach grilling season, we cannot forget to honor another great American pastime: Beer. Sweet with just a hint of savory, foamy, thirst quenching relaxation in a bottle or a glass. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy both to their fullest potential. Here are some great tips to choose the perfect pairing beer and bbq surprise your friends at your next bbq.

Pairing Beer and BBQ Burgers

The secret to pairing beer and bbq burgers is understanding what taste experience you want. If you want a contrast pairing, IPAs are the way to go. The bitterness of the hops fills out the taste profile. Try a Black IPA to provide a dramatic difference while also complementing the char on your meat. If you want something more subtle altogether, go for a Smoked Porter. These beers really complement the smokiness of grilled food while and add more to the savory taste. Smoked Porters are exceptional paired with burgers that have barbecue sauce, bacon, or blue cheese.

Turkey and veggie burgers are leaner and softer in flavor.  Nutty brown ales pair work will well this this type of bbq.

Pairing Beer and BBQ Chicken

Sauce is the key to pairing beer with chicken. The flavor profile of chicken is mild, and it’s a low-fat meat so there is really not much in the chicken itself to contrast or complement with beer. First, keep the beers subdued in taste. Try an amber brown lager when you use a simple sauce to flavor the meat. The sweetness of both complement nicely. For  chicken dishes packed with a lot of citrus and herbs, blonde strong pale ale beers which are spiced with flavors that will pair beautifully with the common spices used for poultry. If you are looking to pair something with heavily spiced chicken, try helles lager. These will help negate the heat in the chicken without covering the taste completely.

Pairing Beer and BBQ Sausages

Any beer goes well with sausage if we are being honest. However, IPA and German lagers are the traditional pairings and one that all beer enthusiasts must experience in their lifetimes.

Try to some adventurous pairings at your next bbq and take your weekend to the next level.

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