Spicy Homey Honey™ Sauce


“Instant, All-Purpose Goodness with a Kick!”

Enjoy our classic sweet and savory tomato-based sauce with a hint of heat. STREETSIDE BBQ'S SWEEET HEAT™ Homemade BBQ Sauces are made from a truly down-home southern tradition, utilizing top-quality, local and sustainable ingredients. Its forward-thinking flavors combine sweet goodness with a mildly spicy kick—perfect for casual dipping, or the highly skilled cook with an appreciation for timeless and authentic barbecue!

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SWEEET HEAT™ is a unique, top quality homemade barbecue sauce utilizing distinct flavor combinations that produce authentic BBQ cuisine. These delicious everyday sauces are not just for every day people—SWEEET HEAT™ consumers are foodies, and skilled cooks with an appreciation for the nuanced flavors and special uses of the products on a variety of meats. SWEEET HEAT™ represents downhome tradition refined for a high-end market.

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