About Us

The company…

STREETSIDE BBQ is a classic barbecue catering company that brings the true barbecue experience to the Philadelphia area.  However big or small the event, we pride ourselves on using top-quality meats, cooking them low and slow over fragrant woods in a closed barbecue pit.  All of our meats are served with homemade sauces that accentuate their flavor for a complete experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

Demond Mullen, Streetside BBQ Owner

Our Story…

STREETSIDE BBQ is owned and operated by Demond Mullen. Born in Georgia, Demond spent his formative years there, where he was deep rooted in southern tradition and hospitality.  Demond dates his interest in smoking and cooking back to his early childhood when his father used to smoke meat for the family.

What began as a genuine enjoyment of the food quickly grew into a curiosity as to how the meat is smoked to perfection each time. STREETSIDE BBQ is the vehicle through which Demond combines this powerful emotional connection and timeless tradition that fuels his love for smoking together with the sincere satisfaction that he derives from bringing a little “down-home” delight to the Mid-Atlantic.



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Smoked Turkey

Authentic BBQ Menu

What could be a better choice than authentic BBQ smoked to perfection? Using only the highest quality ingredients, our meats are prepared with our own signature recipe of seasonings and spices, then smoked using a fragrant blend of hickory, apple, and pecan wood. Check out our menu!

Stuffed & Smoked Jalapeño Peppers

Specialty Hors d’ŒUvres

With STREETSIDE BBQ‘s holiday catering, your guests are in for a treat. Serve up finger foods smoked over a blend of fragrant woods offering delicious flavor in each bite. You can make your own menu by choosing items from any category on our Holiday Catering Menu.