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Barbecue Wedding Food – The Right Choice

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barbecue wedding food

Why barbecue wedding food is the right choice? There are indeed quite a few options to select from when choosing your dining menu at a wedding. Sometimes the number of options can be truly staggering and even overwhelming. There are usually caterers who specialize in weddings and can offer a pretty good variety of standard…

Eating “Smoked To Perfection” BBQ in the Winter

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bbq in the winter

BBQ in the Winter Just because BBQ season is officially over, does not mean you do not still crave bbq in the winter. There is a catering company in the Philadelphia area in which you can still get that “smoked to perfection” BBQ taste. Streetside BBQ is just the place to go if you have…

Fundraiser ideas for Schools – BBQ Fundraiser

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fundraiser ideas for schools

Top Fundraiser ideas for Schools Fundraising is a very important activity for schools as the money generated helps to fund services, programs and other needs. Those who have been part of such programs understand the need to fund student scholarships, capital ventures, new academic programs and even sustaining schools’ academic excellence. It is not easy,…

Have a BBQ Wedding Reception

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bbq wedding reception

Choosing a BBQ Wedding Reception Once you go to a few weddings you start to realize how boring they are in many ways. Wedding receptions often have the same decorations, processes, and unfortunately food. Few people are even interested in the food once you pass through the cocktail hour portion of the reception and are…

Winter BBQ Catering – Winter is Coming

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Winter BBQ Catering

Why Barbeque Catering is great for Winter Events During winter, you should not worry about what food option to go for. Whether you are having a home event or work function, barbeque (BBQ) is the way to go. BBQ is ideal for outdoor activities such as parties and official corporate dinners. You should be able…

Tips on BBQ Smoking in the Winter

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bbq smoking in the winter

If you’re a BBQ smoking enthusiast, chances are you won’t allow cold weather to keep you from enjoying great BBQ meals, but there are a myriad of things to consider before bbq smoking in the winter. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the winter solstice begins December 2017, which means that die hard grill masters…

BBQ Fundraiser the Perfect Fundraiser

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BBQ Fundraiser

Fire Up The Fundraiser! No matter what the cause may be that your group is raising money for, a BBQ fundraiser is a surefire way to get the biggest bang for your fundraising buck! Think about it! Everyone loves a BBQ and there are many reasons why this is so! Here are just a few!…

The Benefits of Barbecue Wedding Catering

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Barbecue Wedding Catering

You’ve spent a lot of money on your wedding. The last thing you have to plan is the food. What will everyone set their sights and taste buds on? That’s when you have the idea of a barbecue wedding catering. Not only will it help you save money, but you’ll satisfy a number of taste…

How to Throw a Great Party on Game Day

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Game Day

Are you Ready for Game Day? As Game Day approaches, it is time to start thinking about what to eat and serve the guests. The usual go-to is normally hoagies and hot dogs, but if you are thinking of changing things up and wanting to try something new and more exciting, there are other options…

Fundraiser – BBQ Fundraising

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The Facts About Having a BBQ Fundraiser Throwing a barbeque fundraiser is an excellent way to raise money for schools, clubs, non-profit organizations, and sports teams. Not only will it bring in a substantial cash flow but also get the whole community drawn into the event. With live music, face painting, food, and other children…