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Carolina BBQ
The Sensational Sauces of Carolina BBQ
Carolina BBQ

North and South Carolina have been recognized for their sensational barbecue for several hundred years. In our opinion, the sauces are deliciously distinct, and the flavor is spectacular. There are differences between the barbecue available in the two states, and these nuances are explained below.

South Carolina Barbecue

The barbecue sauces South Carolina has been making for 500 years are in a class by themselves. This is the only state with four distinctly different barbecue sauces. These sauces can be painted on the meat shortly before it finishes cooking, or served with the barbecue.

Vinegar and Pepper Sauce

This is the first of the sauces served in South Carolina, and was originally brought to the area by Scottish families who decided to settle in the state. These ingredients are found in the states coastal area. This sauce is the perfect combination of spicy and tangy, and the perfect complement to the meat. We find the taste worth a second and possibly third helping.

Mustard Sauce

Mustard is found in the middle of the state, and originated from German immigrants in the mid 1700’s. The mustard is mixed with spices and ketchup for a unique and delightful flavor. The aroma is tantalizing, the flavor superb and we feel the taste has just the right amount of kick.

Light Tomato Sauce

This is an incredibly popular Carolina BBQ sauce. This sauce originates at the border of North Carolina and Georgia. It is made with a little ketchup, and a sauce made from pepper and thin vinegar. The sauce seeps into the meat and adds a zest and kick we cannot get enough of.

Heavy Tomato Sauce

This sauce is delightfully sweet and thick. It is closer to traditional barbecue sauce than the others, yet still maintains a flavor unique to South Carolina. The sauce coats the meat well, and it only takes one bite before everyone wants more.

North Carolina Barbecue

It has taken hundreds of years for North Carolina to develop tow two pork-based barbecue sauces the state has become known for. The cuts of pork used are different for both sauces, and they are available throughout the state.

Lexington Style Sauce

This is a red sauce also referred to as Western style or Piedmont. The sauce is made from ketchup, pepper and vinegar, although there are slight variations in the spices according to the recipe. For this sauce, only the pig’s shoulder section is used. The taste can be hot and spicy or slightly sweet.

Eastern Style

This style of barbecue is used for the entire hog. It consists of a base of vinegar and pepper with no tomato. Whipped salad dressing or mayonnaise is used in place of the tomatoes for a phenomenal Carolina BBQ.

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