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Rehearsal Dinner

How to Make your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner a Momentous Event

So you have an impending wedding, and you have to organize the rehearsal and take care of your guests. So what should go through your mind to create a unique and memorable event? You will want to know what the etiquette is? Should the dinner be formal or casual? Should it be at a restaurant, catered or have a simple family style BBQ?
So here are the critical issues that a bride and wedding planner should consider for the wedding rehearsal dinner.

Firstly; Remember the rehearsal and dinner usually occur the day before the wedding. There are already plenty of things going on already. You should not heap on any more logistical burdens than necessary.

Second; The wedding is an elegant, upscale affair. You do not want to create a back-to-back formal event. The rehearsal and dinner should be casual, where people can relax, mix and have a good time. The meal is a galvanizing event where family, friends and the bridal party come together, bond and celebrate at their own pace.

Third; You can go to a restaurant for the rehearsal dinner, but that just create additional, and in my opinion, unnecessary headaches and problems. By having the dinner at the rehearsal site, it will make everything much simpler. You will have more time to message all the unexpected issues for tomorrow’s wedding.

In this setting, a self-help BBQ buffet is most appropriate and will enhance the bonding of family and friends.

Forth; Who should you invite? Of course, everyone who will walk down the aisle but also other close friends and family that you want to be part of this occasion. It is proper etiquette to invite the out of town guests to attend.

Fifth: The rehearsal dinner is the ideal time for the bride and groom to hand out unique gifts to the bridal party, to family and special guests. You can do this publicly by standing up with a short speech and toast, but if you are not comfortable, it is okay if the bride and groom just quietly go table to table and have a little one-on-one.

Most important remember this is a celebration and not a performance. Relax, enjoy, and God Bless!

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