What tools do you need for a BBQ?

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What tools do you need for a BBQ

What tools do you need for a BBQ?

Cooking is an art, one that needs the right equipment to bring out the best flavor and taste. For a bbq, all tools are very important especially because anything can go wrong anytime and you end up ruining the whole meal or causing a fire. The temperatures in a bbq grill are also very hot and not friendly for your body as a human. What tools do you need for a BBQ…..This is why you need a complete set of bbq equipment with tools like:

• Meat thermometer
• Apron
• Grill brush
• Grill gloves/mitts
Chimney starter
• Long-handled tongs
• Fire extinguisher
• Long-handled spatula and
• A fire extinguisher

Many other things are needed depending on your taste and preferences. Below is a brief description of a few of the above-listed item.

What tools do you need for a BBQ brief description.

Meat thermometer
You need to be sure that the meat you are eating is cooked and healthy for consumption. A meat thermometer allows you to know when the food is ready and ensures that you don’t burn your meat trying to get it cook fully.

Protect your clothes from the juice and sauce that are spread on your meat. Use an apron to cover up and keep off food particles. A heavy duty apron is much better if you are throwing a bbq party for many people.

Grill brush
As long as you want to have another bbq grill in the future, you must clean your grill grates. Cleaning your BBQ equipment will increase its efficiency, give you better tasting meat, and keep you and your guests’ health. To get best results, heat up the grill for about 10-15 minutes and use your brush to clean the grates thoroughly to get rid of all meat particles. You need a firm brush with bristles that are firmly attached to prevent them falling loose and ending up on your plates.

Grill gloves
The heat around your grill can burn your hands if you do not protect them. The gloves needed for this job are not anything close to the kitchen gloves used by your grandmother when making cookies. You will need insulated suede grill gloves to protect your hands fully. The gloves should reach up to your elbows to protect your arm from the heat. The gloves protect you when handling coal and when flipping the meat chunks. Mitts come in many materials such as leather, silicon, and heavy-duty cotton materials. So you can choose as per your preference.

Chimney Starter
When you are using coal or wooden bbq equipment, you will need a chimney starter to start your cooking and end up with the most flavored juicy meat. You can position an old newspaper or a petroleum-based Firestarter underneath your bbq unit, light it up and the starter will do the rest. When buying a chimney starter, go for the high capacity one so that you don’t require two starters when you are lighting up your unit. It is advisable to use an odorless and a tasteless fuel starter.

Long-handled tongs
A tong will give you a better grip of the meat as you turn the chunks or put them on a plate. A long handle helps keep your arm away from the hot grill. When turning your meat, don’t stab just turn it. A tong with spring-loaded handles is even more ideal.

Safety is also important, be sure to have a fire extinguisher around every time you cook.

As for the ladies, you can buy your father, husband or fiancé one of the above tools.

What tools do you need for a BBQ

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