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BBQ Equipment – The Tools You Need

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bbq equipment

Essential BBQ equipment and how they are used Cooking is an art, one that needs the right equipment to bring out the best flavor and taste. For a bbq, all tools are very important especially because anything can go wrong anytime and you end up ruining the whole meal or causing a fire. The temperatures…

Marinated Chicken Recipe

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Marinated Chicken

This marinated chicken recipe is a family favorite, especially for the toddler in my house.  She is a picky eater.  After eating something for the third time she is normally over it but that is not the case with this marinated chicken recipe.  If she could have her way, she would eat this for dinner every night…

How To Throw a Stress Free Dinner Party

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dinner party

What is more fun than having a table full of friends over for dinner? Throwing a dinner party, is not only fun, but it can be extremely stressful for some. If you are throwing a party you should consider doing as much as you can in advance. Here are some tips to help you throw…

Grilled Pound Cake Recipe

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Pound Cake Recipe

Print Grilled Pound Cake Category: Dessert Yield: 8 Grilling slices of cake is a simple way to liven up dessert, especially if you’re using store-bought. Sturdy cakes, like pound cake or angel food, work well on the grill. Just butter both sides of each slice, place on a grill over medium or low heat, and…

Turkey Preparation

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Turkey Preparation

Turkey Preparation The right turkey preparation is essential for making the traditional Thanksgiving meal wonderful. The following are the steps for creating a great smoked turkey. Step One: Choose the Right Turkey For the best results, choose a fresh and minimally processed turkey. An 11 to 14-pound turkey should be large enough, yet doesn’t take…

Winter Catering Events Tips

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winter catering events

Winter Catering Events It’s that time of year again and soon, kitchens everywhere are going to be very busy places. However, not everyone has the time necessary to spend on food preparation and juggle busy holiday schedules at the same time. After all, there is so much more to serving those tasty Super Bowl treats…

Fundraiser Ideas – A BBQ Fundraiser

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Fundraiser Ideas

Pig Pickin’ Fun: 9 Ideas for a BBQ Fundraising Event Many of the best BBQ recipes are guarded secrets that leave lasting impressions on tasters. Combine a BBQ with fundraising and you’ll be sure to have a party to remember! There are many steps to creating successful BBQ fundraiser ideas that will overflow your piggy…

Barbecue Wedding Food – The Right Choice

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barbecue wedding food

Why barbecue wedding food is the right choice? There are indeed quite a few options to select from when choosing your dining menu at a wedding. Sometimes the number of options can be truly staggering and even overwhelming. There are usually caterers who specialize in weddings and can offer a pretty good variety of standard…

Eating “Smoked To Perfection” BBQ in the Winter

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bbq in the winter

BBQ in the Winter Just because BBQ season is officially over, does not mean you do not still crave bbq in the winter. There is a catering company in the Philadelphia area in which you can still get that “smoked to perfection” BBQ taste. Streetside BBQ is just the place to go if you have…

Fundraiser ideas for Schools – BBQ Fundraiser

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fundraiser ideas for schools

Top Fundraiser ideas for Schools Fundraising is a very important activity for schools as the money generated helps to fund services, programs and other needs. Those who have been part of such programs understand the need to fund student scholarships, capital ventures, new academic programs and even sustaining schools’ academic excellence. It is not easy,…